Manatee Cares - SCF Corona Virus Student Emergency Funding

This fund is to support SCF Students who have directly and financially been impacted by the Corona Virus Pandemic. Emergency assistance requested is to assist the student and keep them enrolled in classes.
To be eligible the student must:
1). Be enrolled a minimum 3 semester hours Fall 2020.
2). Reside in Manatee County.
3). Student must upload the vendor bill documenting the requested funding. The student’s name, vendors name and address, account number and total amount due must be on the invoice.
4). Student must write an essay how COVID has caused them this financial burden.

Payments will be made via check to the vendor upon approval by the selection committee.
Payments cannot be reimbursed to the student.

These funds are available for assistance with:
1) Transportation. – MCAT buss passes
2) Utility bills
3) Medical expense for student or student’s dependent(s)
4) Childcare

Payments will not be made for rent, credit card debt, tuition, books or fees.

Varies depending documented funding request. Up to $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. How has the Corona Virus Pandemic affected you and your ability to stay enrolled at SCF? Please be specific. Detail the events that have occurred and how it effected you finanically. Approx. 500 words.
  2. Please upload the invoice/s you for which you are requesting this emergency funding. The Invoice must have the student's name, the Vendors Name, the account number, the amount due.
  3. What is that vendor/person's Phone number?