Coronavirus Student Emergency Fund

This fund is to support SCF Students who have directly and financially been impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic and need emergency assistance in order to stay enrolled in classes.
This is a “last resort” fund after all local, state and federal resources.

Minimum 6 Semester Hours Enrollment spring 2020.
Registered for a minimum 6 semester hours Fall 2020

These funds are available for assistance with:
1). Tuition and fees
2). Books
3). Transportation or car repairs
4). Utility bills
5) Emergency medical expense
6) Childcare
Payments will not be made for rent, credit cards debt, or student tuition loans.
Payments will be made to the vendor involved and will not be made directly to the student.
SCF faculty, staff or employee sponsor will email their support to, Retention Department.

Max. $300
Supplemental Questions
  1. What other agencies, friends or family have you requested to help you with this expense?
  2. What is your immediate emergency request?
    • 1 What is your immediate emergency request? Be specific and detailed. 500 words
    • 2 Who is the vendor/person you need to pay?
    • 3 What is that vendor/person's physical mailing address?
    • 4 What is that vendor/person's phone number?
    • 5 What is that vendor/person's email address?
    • 6 How much are you requesting SCFF to pay?
    • 7 What is the account number the payment should be applied to? if applicable
    • 8 Upload the actual documentation outlining this amount. Must be the actual bill, etc.