Women's Resource Center

The mission of a Women’s Resource Center Scholarship is to creating personal, social and professional growth opportunities for all women by providing strategies for living that strengthen them, their families and their communities.
Must be female, 21 years of age or older, and out of high school for more than four years.
Must hold a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.
Must be a year-round resident of Sarasota County.
Must be accepted into her program of choice. Applicant may plan to attend a vocational, two-year or four-year institution pursuing an undergraduate degree or certification program.
Must submit an official college transcript and/or an official acceptance letter for your program from the college/ vocational school listed in the scholarship application.
Must have established financial need. Please submit a printout of the upcoming school year’s Student Aid Report (SAR) reflecting the EFC number from FAFSA, and any other relevant documentation that may be requested.
Must not be a WRC employee or a family member of a WRC employee, as they are not eligible for WRC scholarships.
Must submit two (2) letters of recommendation, accompanied with the completed appraisal sheets, by two (2) instructors, faculty members and/or employer. Be sure recommendation letters are signed and that your name is referenced within the letter. DO NOT USE FAMILY MEMBERS or FRIENDS FOR REFERENCE LETTERS.

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